The Bioeconomy Technical Centre, a critical piece of infrastructure for the development of value-added lignin-based products, was formally inaugurated on June 24, 2011 in Thunder Bay Ontario by Lignoworks’ industrial partner FPInnovations.

At the heart of the BTC is a demonstration plant that can precipitate lignin from kraft black liquor on a scale of 100 kg/day and a well-equipped laboratory to characterize the material.  In addition to providing Lignoworks researchers with industrially relevant lignin for their research, the facility will also be able to produce sufficient lignin for commercial-scale trials of lignin applications and will provide more refined engineering data for the design of a full-scale lignin production plant.

The BTC is operated by FPInnovations with funding from the Government of Ontario through the Centre for Research and Innovation in the Bioeconomy (CRIBE) and the Government of Canada through the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada.

There is a strong alignment between the BTC’s objective of promoting lignin production and use and Lignoworks’ mandate to develop technology platforms for the future generation of lignin products. There is close communication between these two initiatives, as the stakeholders in the BTC help guide the strategic direction of Lignoworks by serving on its Board of Directors.

More information about the BTC is available on the FPInnovations web site.